London charity Show

Few weeks left till my work will be put on public at London charity show. I took me ages to start working on my piece but I finally managed to buy all materials and started to make my artwork. This time I am going to use my new technique which I am going to learn […]

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Charity Show in London

Hey guys! I am happy to invite you to new exhibition “United by Painting” in London. This is charity show on which I was invited as an artist to exhibit my work. Launch of the exhibition will take place in the theatre hall 05/10/2018 from 7:9pm. Hope you see everyone there!

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“Charcoal studies”-Or “How to become a teacher”

From my early childhood my dream was to become an artist but I never wanted to be an art teacher. Always thought that it is hard and not very nice job. Now when I am finishing my uni, I started to think about teaching private lessons and found out that it can be more fun […]

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Peterborough city gallery

Very happy to see my artwork again in Peterborough Art gallery. Few years ago I had there my first exhibition where I exhibited my trilogy of Walsh nature. That was amazing experience! So many comments and interesting artworks like this year. On open day came a lot of people, everyone was having fun and was […]

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“Painted Words”

It is so interesting how humanity developing. One day to get information people going to the library, next day we have all the beauty of 21 century like :television ,radio, computers and other electrical devices. Slowly we changing newspapers, magazines and books on iPads and our phones. Do people still need Book?! I think yes.there […]

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Alexander Pushkin. First paragraphs of poem “Village” “Greetings, a deserted corner, The shelter of tranquility, works and inspiration, Where the days of my invisible flow pour In the bosom of happiness and oblivion. I’m yours: I traded a vicious courtyard for a circe, Luxury feasts, fun, delusions On the peaceful noise of the oaks, the […]

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Beauty of Lithuanian nature

Inspiration came from poems of famous Russian author-Alexandr Pushkin. I love the way how a author describes beauty of nature. In his poems he is talking about nature like about woman.Love, shape, smell and beauty. Different place, different beauty. Russia is like a woman who he lives with all her landscapes, forests and lakes. When […]

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There is two types of people: Who likes to read poetry. And who creates it. This few days i am walking around lakes, city and forest and reading Russian poems. Different writer, different life story. How it’s possible to make from few key words of place which you attracted to a poem!? One thing to […]

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New year, new adventure.

New learning year, what new it will bring?! This year I want to start from something new and creative. On my mind I have a great idea to surprise you my reader! If you like adventures, poems and stories…you will like my idea. In this new project I want you to face a beauty of […]

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