Ambleside trip

Ambleside trip. 2-4 October 2017

Ambleside- this place is full of life. Hills, waterfalls, forests, lakes…it’s like a separate world with a magical atmosphere in it. In Autumn, nature changing it “clothes” from green to the bright yellow/red colours. I fell in love with Ambleside in the first day of our trip. The first destination of our trip was Rydal Hall. Rydal Hall was built by Le Fleming family in 15th century. The village is sited on a long-established trade route from Ambleside to Keswick, via Nook Lane- Low Sweeden Bridge- Rydal Hall- below- nab Scar-Town End. Between the 16th and 17th centuries Rydal had the following village facilities, albeit scattered rather than in a compact group: Halls, farms and cottage; 3 inns; fulling mill; corn mill; smithy and school.

The reason why we came to visit that place was not just in history and beauty of this place, there also was an open exhibition of “Sculpture Path” which was created by designer Dianne Standen. The Woodland now has a variety of different sculptures made from: metal, stone, wood, textile. It was so interesting to walk in the woods and at the same time enjoy art works. The main thing which I really liked was, that art works are like a part of the forest. It works in harmony with nature.  The fun part of the walk was to do some sketches of designer’s work but on that moment the weather in Cumbria was not the best. All students were trying to do some sketches when it was very rainy and most of the work on next day was damaged and thrown away.

The next destination was –Hotel. Ableside-Waterhead. We stopped in the small hotel near the lake. I was very lucky to live in the room with a view on a lake and the hills. On that moment I felt so happy and inspired of everything what was around me. Big hills with colorful trees on the background and the deep lake like a thin mirror which was dividing the view on two pieces: “Reality” and “Neverland”.

After some rest we went to a Roman Fort. Today you can see the remains of commanding officer’s hose, the headquarters building and the granaries but many centuries ago there was two Roman Forts which was built in stone on a raised platform in all their beauty. But the most beautiful part of that day was Waterfall. We spent quite a lot of power and time to get to the top of the waterfall but it worth it. Surrounded nature was so beautiful and tired face of my college mates was so sad. That day was not good for everybody. During our walk in the forest near the waterfall, half of the group was last and of course it was my group. From childhood I was living near forest so for me it was not a problem to find the way back but my friends were too stressed. It was such a magical feeling when we finally get on top of the waterfall. Massive water flow was falling down on to stones with a crazy and charming speed.

In the end of the day we had an artist talk which inspired everybody in my group for next day.

Steve Messam

During his talk he made everyone to stop breathing. The way how he was talking about his projects and was so charming! He is local artist who is inspired of nature. He sees the story in landscapes. How artist said- ” looking at the photo (landscape with rainbow) it so magical! It will not be there without reason. It has different size, shape…one word-magic”.

Temporary. Scale. Colour. Landscape. -Four main things on which artist is focusing.

Temporary:”Red Box” -Ullswater, the Lake District, 2011

This photo amazed me. It’s mind blowing, how the red cubes were captured on the lake. Perfect harmony between water and the sky. Artist explanation-“it’s very hard to find a good day for photo shoots. Mostly it’s rainy but that day I was lucky to take a good photo. It took a lot of time to capture the clouds and mountains as one composition. The main sculpture (boxes) was made with paper. Red colour represents “Red rose”. Plus, this colour is so alive and bright. It helping me to connect with nature”.

Scale:”Drop”- Lake District 2008

This work is something incredible. On the middle of the field was built a massive drop of water. There was like a thin connection between artist’s work and nature. This work truly showing how artist deeply understands the beauty of the like a mirror which is reflects all the magicl part of the landscape.

Colour :”Carpet” 2013

Carpet which was mane with 25000 class bottles which was filled with natural paint. Artist made a great job. How he explained to make this carpet he had to put bottles every 6 seconds. He spent ½ weeks by working 8 hours per day. He used organic paints to fill the bottles and how he explained , he knows all process how and what needed to be mix to get any particular colour.

Landscape:”Scattered”-Mellertain 2017Composition of different sized balls on a lake was set as a photo, special composition. How artist explained, he wants to leave it in people minds so they will come home and will think more about it.

The size of the balls are from 2 to 4 m tall on what all my college mates including me was shocked. From photo you can’t say that it is so tall. How he called it- “Complete freedom without Judge”


When Steve finished his talk, everybody was so active. A lot of questions, more interesting facts…i got a lot of new things which might help me with my own works and I am very helpful to Steve. His passion to nature is the same like I have but I am still looking for my path how to show to the people my love to nature but he already found it.

Second day of our trip in Ambleside.

Second day of our trip was quite productive. There was some bits of history, art and nature. I felt like a pirate on a big ship who was traveling in hope to find something very profitable for me- Knowledge. How Russian people calling this “Knowledge is gold”. Trip was devided on three stages: Wray Casle,Windermere country seat and  park.

From that day I have learned how to create art in several conditions. The weather was cold and wet so people was not really ready to create some nice works but we had no choice.. Each artist has to go through this stage when you trying to survive in the cold weather just to make a good art work. That’s what we did that day.

Last day.

The last day was about to create a final work which will represent the Ambleside. This three days was amazing. I was so inspired of nature of Ambleside so I started to do my final work at night. I captured in my mind one place which I visited by myself. It was a hill of stones on the edge of the lake. This hill was full of the beautiful, purple flowers. That moment become very memorable for me. I never felt that good! There was something magical in it. Sweet smell of the flower, warm sun and the sounds of the waves… that’s what I was trying represent in my first painting.

Second painting was not that bright and colourful because the last day was pretty cold. Hotel where we stopped was near the lake so at night when I was going for a walk I noticed one nice place.  it was a moored for boats with a nice bridge behind it. At day time this place look so alive! Its magically divides on two parts: beach and the lake. From lake side- warm blue waves and boats. From beach- range of bright autumn colours of the trees and roofs of the houses. But because of the rain my art work become a little bit darker but not less warm.


Looking at all photos, paintings and sketches which I have done during this trip, I can say, I MISS AMBLESIDE.

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