Chinese art centre

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art  


Archives, what that means? Why we need this? And where you can find it…? All these answers I found in Chinese gallery of Contemporary Art.

19 of October my group had a lecture about what is Archives and how we can use it in our projects. The first part of the lecture was information acquaintance. What is Archives? Everyone in life facing with this word but not a lot knows what is it. Archives is a repository which hold collection of archival materials/documentary of: national archives, local authority archives, business and university archives.

” Archival artist seek to make historical information, often lost or displaced, physically present. To this end, they elaborate on the found image, object and text”.

There are three themes in Archival Art:

· Historical Documentation- art based upon or inspired by actual historical documentation.

· Monuments – created to pay homage to an historical figure or event

· Imaginary Archives – using archives as a framing device to realized fictitious people or events

Archives gives you a great opportunity to find information which is created, received and maintained as evidence and information by an organization person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in business.

Second part of the lecture was activity where in groups we had to identify work from the Archival.

· Who produced it?

Photographer, filmmaker

· When it was created?

90-2000 year

· Who was it created for?

Suki Chan- she created shadows of the subjects by using black rice. She was sticking each piece to the walls/floor to make a big shadow

· Why do you think it was created?

Rice installation/ light play

Next stage was excursion around the gallery

Curator Yeng friendly described for us the story of each exhibited work in the gallery.Seven Chinese artists from Honk Kong took a part in this exhibition. The main idea of this exhibition was to show the feelings of how to be an Honk Kong artist.

The first Art work was a big screen where was a 2white-blue fabric” video which represents warning of constructions which you can see everywhere in Honk Kong.


“Hair work”- there was a big screen where was video of different Chinese women’s hair. There was collected advertising of 80-90 s to show the obsession of people with a smooth and shiny surface. That people like this, attracts to it.

“Aquarium”- this artist used organic materials to fill this Aquarium to show the space of the gallery

Second task was to find all information of the photo from the given folder of archives.

“The Desires of the Golden Lotus”- 1998

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