“Green Dragon”

A proposal for the Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery ,Manchester 2017

What is China? China, it is a “Flowery Kingdom” with incredibly tender and bright colours! This is a brief taking, eternally blooming nature which is pleasing the eye of the people. Looking at this country, I see completely different world where still living myths with legendary dragons and imperators. Chinese architecture with their popular tea houses, parks with a blooming pink Sakura…You getting lost in time!

It is amazing to see how with human hands were created such a miracle! That’s truly showing how independent and strong the Chinese empire is.

My plan is to create an art piece which will represent my own vision of China. I want to combine few common things which I really like in China: architecture; nature and legends (dragon).

Basically, my inspiration came from aspect of my studies. Last year I had a project about china town. I spent a lot of time by researching Chinese traditions and myths and I found this very interesting. The main fact which cathead my attention was Dragons. It’s so satisfying the was how Chinese people believes in power of dragons’! (As a powerful symbol, some strong people like to have dragon tattoos on their arms, legs, backs, and chests, but usually they are not regarded as very easygoing people. Most Chinese dragons’ pictures have long bodies like snakes and sharp claws like hawks — less like dinosaurs than Western dragons). Also, I am planing to use three specific colours like:

• Green- Across the world, green is associated with the earth and its vegetation.In China, green represents the spring. One of the Chinese Animals of the Four Directions is the Green Dragon, representing the power of the East, whose element is wood.In other parts of the East, green symbolizes health, peace, and eternity.

• Pink- everyone knows that Japan, China are very popular because of their cherry trees- “Sakura” with beautiful pink/white flowers. Of course sakura tree is backbone of Japanese culture but it also influenced China. In a spiritual sense, the sakura reminds viewers that life is short and beautiful, just like the cherry blossom that falls from the tree after just a few days. This is tied to the Buddhist roots of Japan. It’s the most commonly used symbol of mortality in all types of art.

• Yellow- Earth: Yellow is an imperial color representing power, royalty and prosperity in traditional Chinese color symbolism. It mainly represents late summer and central direction.

I am so excited about this project “Chinese Art”. For a long time, I was thinking to create an art piece which would relates to China and now I have a great opportunity to use my knowledge about Chinese culture in my own work. I truly hope that I will make a work which perfectly will show my own vision of this beautiful country.

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