Artist statement

Jelena Kalmane

Artist Statement

I have analused many important impressionism and realism  artists, such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Anton Shishkin. My adventure to the art world started from famous artists like Van Gogh and Monet.This thick and colourful brushstrokes are so strong and emotional, made me appreciate their impressionist technique, while still creating paintings in my own style but using the same colour palette. After many years  of studying Impressionism I decided to move to the next topic “ realism” and there I found my inspiration, Ivan Shishkin. I found myself in his artwork, my love and my passion.

. The main reason why  I started paint was my love to nature. My family house was near the forest and I used to run away far from civilisation just to smell fresh scent of the trees and to listen bird songs. I felt more happy to be alone in the forest than with a lot of people in the city.

The subject matters in my paintings is from my surroundings and experiences. For example: I really love traveling so every time when I am going for Holli am taking a lot of photos of nature so I can use it in future for my paintings. All my landscapes are my inspiration from real places. To each painting I am putting small piece of my love to this place.

I like to create art which is not just nice looking but also textured. I like to experiment with different media and make my work volume. I would like the viewers to have a reaction, whenever emulation or physical.

My events in life, Impressionism and realism art have prepared me for a common theme for my group show. Texture, Smell, Taste and Feel exhibition. I hope that viewers of my exhibition will get involved emotionally and physically with my artwork. I love what I am doing and I always have fun while creating this, so I hope you will enjoy the outcome.

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