Music was always a key to human mood. Some people creating music to put in  it their sadness or happiness, other people catching this emotions by listening this music. One of the Russian artists, Kandinsky decided to do an experiment to combine music with his paintings. I never seen something so talented and creative. All the time when he was putting  music on  of piano on, the melody was directing him and he was creating miracle.  His project inspired me to make my own series of experiments which will connect with music.

For my experiments I decided to pick three different types of music to see how it will influence on my mood and my art.

1. Relaxation music- For me the best relaxation music is piano music. There is two types of piano music which I like:

· Mozart music- helps me to calm down

· Studio Ghibli soundtracks – soundtracks form Anime  which I like. Soft piano music draining me in to memories of my childhood which associating anime.

2. Pop music- I like to put pop music on my alarm because it make me wake up faster and  cheers me up. It gives me a lot of positivity and energy for all day.

· The bedroom playlist apt. II R&B/ SOUL

3. Jazz- that’s impressive how jazz music can move you to the New Orlean and make you feel like a diva.

Experiment Number 1

Name of album: Studio Ghibli

Time of experiment: 6/7 hours

Materials:  Board, sand, emulsion, photo and acrylic paint.

Photo: For this experiment I have chosen photo which in my opinion  perfectly will  fits with piano music which I am gonna use in my experiment.  Of course during my project colours will change but composition has to stay the same.

Process: First three hours it was quite hard for me  to catch the Rhythm of the music and to connect it to my painting. The main problem is the the rhythm of music changing all the time and I few times I nearly lost connection and I had to change colours.  But after few good tries I applied  base and primary colours. Second part was much easier, I felt like I found connection with music it help me to stop worry about which colour to apply and just listened my feelings. I was pretty impressed y the end of my experiment. Soft  and warm pallet of colours, sunny autumn day and positive atmosphere of painting perfectly shows how relaxing was music which I was listening during my experiment.  But there was also a bad side of this experiment, if to look closer you might notice that in some places brushstrokes are different. During my experiment, melody was changing many times from positive and fast  to sad and slow so in some places brushstrokes more accurate and soft but also sharp and fast.

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