Work experience

Workshops in Lane end primary school Cheadle Holme.

Few months ago I got offer from my Tutor, Rachael Addis to join her to do workshop with children. How she explained, this primary school attending her small son and she has good friendship with staff. She offered this school art workshop so it will be good for children and students to get work experience.

I found this idea quite challenging because I never had a chance to work with children before. But at the same it was so interesting to see myself in new sphere like teaching. So by the end of the day me and five more volunteers like me went on our journey to Cheadle Primary school.

First 30 minutes was so vulnerable, whole group of small children was steering at you while their tutors commanded to us to sit down on cheers which was on a middle of the room. When everyone found its space we was asked to introduce ourself s . After that Tutor made a quick presentation for children and us what we going to do for the rest 2/3 hours. This PowerPoint was about one famous artist who was creating masterpieces from natural materials, and was shaping it in nice colour palette.

The next step was to divide children on five groups. For each group one teacher. I got five children, three boys and two girls. So small children but so passions about new challenges in their day. First what we did, we went on small adventure outside to collect some stuff for their first task. When we came back, each table already had:glue, scissors and sheet with pictures. The task was to create an animal which was on paper by using all collected natural material. That was very messy workshop but so funny. We had funny discussion about how the rabbit has to look like if to stick leaves on ears, or how to make sun.

Next challenge was outside. Each group got charcoal and we had to create big composition by using body shapes. How it looked like. Each child had to lay down on ground in funny shape and someone else had to draw a shape. Children was more than happy with this game but I was a bit worried that they will come home too dirty.

By the end of the day e wry one was happy and tired. They got a lot of nice drawings, and I got some experience. If to be honest I changed my opinion about children. Now I feel more confident in talking and working with children. It helped me a lot in my next work where I have to teach child how to paint.

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