“Painted Words”

It is so interesting how humanity developing. One day to get information people going to the library, next day we have all the beauty of 21 century like :television ,radio, computers and other electrical devices. Slowly we changing newspapers, magazines and books on iPads and our phones. Do people still need Book?! I think yes.there are still some people who still know this magical feeling when you holding a real book, when you can swap the page and smell old paper. Personally I cannot imagine my life without books. Of course 21 century changed me because most of my time I am reading books online but it still good thing. Now it’s much easier to get information and to find any books on any languages. It is nice to see that people still reading and getting inspiration from books.

In my project I will talk about books and writer, about poems and short stories and how it can influence art-world. My inspiration came from Russian poetry so I found few beautiful poems to show you.

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