Exhibition planning

1. First idea

My first plan for my final work was inspired by artist Valerie Hegarty. I wanted to make something volume and creative like her artworks. I came to idea to make artwork while semicircle so when the viewer will go inside it will make elusion like he is inside of painting.

During my research, I faced to problems. Is there any possibles that I can make base curled and what material I should use. I went to specialist who is working with wood and asked about that. The answer was that it possible to you wooden board for my project but I need to go to shop to buy it. The main problem why I left this idea behind was the fact that I need to buy special wooden board. Money is not a problem, problem is to bring 1 m night wooden board from Manchester to Northenden campus. So I decided to leave this idea and found another one.

2. Second idea

For my second and final idea I decided to use smaller size than in previous plan just to have more time to focused on texture . I am planning to use A1 size of wooden board and frame. For frame I am thinking to use plastic flowers. This idea came tome after I studied Valerie Hegarty artworks. I am finding her works very inspiring. Her abstract works always has ruts of nature so I also going to use it in my work. I don’t know how it going to work and will I change my idea but I know that from this experiments I will get some new knowledge and skills.

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