Inspiration to Chinese Archives

Chinse art center


During visits to Chinese Art Center, I was given all the information about Chinese Archives. From one view, small room with one wall of boxes but at the same time, big amount of information. To my group was given five different artists who was exhibiting in Chinese Art center. The idea of this acquaintance was to get a review/inspiration from artists’ work.

First artist who catches my attention was Ahn Sung-Hee. Ahh Sung-Hee observes this struggle between nature and culture, and brings it directly into the gallery prissiness of the Chinese art center. One the lovely laminated floor the artist has laid concrete paving slabs, and in soil-stuffed gaps in between, weeds and harboring copious flora and fauna.

I found it very interesting the way how artist was highlighting the difference between industrial life and nature. In my view this exhibition more represents the strength of life. Small, flower but so strong to crush the cement wall or ground just to see the light of sun.

Looking at this exhibition I am thinking to create my own work which will relate to “life”, something which will represent spring- time when flowers are blossoming and people are smiling.

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